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AMY SIGIL icious!!

DFTH welcomes powerhouse Amy Sigil to Houston for a weekend of workshops and two shows, celebrating our 10th Anniversary!

Amy will be presenting 13 hours of instruction at the DFTH Studio beginning Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon. 

Amy is known for traveling the world infecting each city with her signature Sigil Style; building communities of hard work, heart, and a lot of fun! Amy's dance “classroom” is better described as a “gym”. A born athlete, dance is her language and movement is survival. When taking class with her, expect a full body experience. Never give up, never settle. “Fate Favors the Risky”. Amy has been creating & building on her Improvisational Tribal Style (ITS) vocabulary for the last 10 years, and building her ITS community around the world.

Friday night will include a welcome reception and hafla at the DFTH Studio.  Saturday's Gala Show will take place at The Barn, 2201 Preston St., Houston, TX  77003.


Supercalifragilistic AMY SIGIL icious!!

Weekend Package Basic: $250 (4 classes + 1 show ticket for each night)
Weekend Package Basic + ITS : $340 (all 5 classes + 1 show ticket for each night)
Individual Classes: $60, $75 or $90 in advance, add $10 to the price at the door
Show tickets: $20 in advance, $25 at the door

Friday night reception: $10

Classes are limited to 25 students!

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Fri, Jan 30 - 3:000pm - 5:00pm: 6/8 Symphony $60
2hr workshop: Inspired by Amy's granddaughter, this workshop explores movement, emotion, irregular timing, space and above all... beauty. A wonderful exposure to the time signature of 6/8! Includes a mini choreography and an epic playlist. This is her lovely!

Fri, Jan 30 - 7:00pm: Welcome Reception/Hafla $10
Welcome Reception and Hafla at the DFTH Studio. Enjoy an intimate evening in a cozy space with some select performances to start the weekend off right!

Sat, Jan 31 - 9:00am-1pm: Amy Sigil Presents - The Human Adventure $90
4hr workshop: An exploration in dance and movement. A dance experience unlike any Sigil has offered before. We're bringing it all to the table baby, because life is short and Art is unmeasured. This one is the Deluxe Package my friends, including: technique, theory, choreography, games and explorative movement. A moment in the creative mind of Amy Sigil.

Sat, Jan 31 - 2pm-4pm: Inspiration for Improvisation $60
2 hr workshop: This workshop is designed to light a fire up under your ASS! UNMATA's latest concepts, theories and tricks for "wingin' it and bringin' it". Suitable for all levels of dancers, but you better be able to work well with others.

Saturday Gala Show - 7:30pm $20
Saturday night gala show at The Barn (2201 Preston), featuring Amy and the DFTH company, with guests from far and wide! House opens at 7:30, show starts at 8pm.

Sun, Feb 1- 10am-Noon: Working in the Moment $60
2 hr workshop: An adventure in working with creativity and choreography in the current moment, right here and right now! This is a Sigil experimental workshop that gives dancers an opportunity to use fragmented movements to create whole pieces. Think of it as going ‘from street to stage'.

Sun, Feb 1 - 1:30pm-4:30pm: ITS Level 2 Concepts $75
3 hr workshop: Here's a chance to dive head first into ITS! Starting with a small amount of vocabulary and ending with multiple circles, multiple choruslines, cascades, fadebacks and everything in between! This workshop is all concept and can be thrown into any Improv vocabulary. Be prepared to play with others!

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