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Heatwave! with Jill Parker

We are turning up the August heat with the amazingly talented Jill Parker!

Join us in the Heatwave with a weekend of classes by Jill at the Dance from the Heart studio.   Classes are limited to 25 students to maximize the learning experience in an intimate setting, so register quickly to make sure you don't miss  this opportunity. 

To top off the weekend, a gala show will be held Saturday night at The Barn (2201 Preston St) featuring Jill Parker, the  DFTH Company and special guests.

Here's more about Jill:

Jill Parker, Mamma of the modern tribal fusion bellydance movement is an award winning teacher/choreographer, founder of Ultra Gypsy Dance Theater, and director of the Foxglove Sweethearts. She's an original member of Fat Chance Belly Dance, and with over two decades of experience, has trained the top bellydancers in the genre.

Jill's big heart and deep love for this intoxicating form shine through in her classes and performances. She's an exceptional teacher with a knack for demystifying this sensuous dance, making it accessible to new dancers while offering insight for refinement and subtlety to the most advanced dancers.

In this workshop Jill offers insight into her trend setting approach to Bellydance through the use of energetic technique drills and stylish combinations designed to support your performative skills. Class will begin with yoga and conditioning designed for you to bring into your own practice, safely building
muscle awareness, isolation, flexibility, grace and postural alignment, ever important elements for a stunning performance. You’re sure to find Jill's workshop environment challenging, focused, encouraging and most of all FUN!

We are SO excited to welcome Jill to Houston!

Weekend Package: $255 (all 4 workshops + 1 show ticket)
Individual Classes: $65 in advance, $75 at the door
Show tickets: $20 in advance, $25 at the door

Friday night reception: $10

Classes are limited to 25 students!

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Fri, Aug 22 - 7:30pm: Welcome Reception/Hafla

Sat, Aug 23 - 9:30am-Noon: Spiral to the Core
Stacking bones in your favor: for excellent posture, length, strong footing, dependable balance, controlled releve, graceful turns, solid spins and last but not least, that sensuous loose yet controlled heavy low pelvis tribal fusion belly dancers strive for. Practice using your breath within movements. Techniques, concepts, visualization and practical exercise explorations facilitated to help you work WITH Gravity and be sure footed for the ultimate grounded controlled fluidity and grace.

Sat, Aug 23 - 1pm-3:30pm: Beyond Rehearsal/Before Performance
Transformational pre performance imagery, visualization and relaxation techniques for stellar performances. Learn how to slow down, how to quiet self-criticism, how to make good choices on stage in the moment, how to simplify, how to be yourself in the dance, how to be in your strengths and enjoy yourself! In this workshop you will explore practical exercises and techniques to help you get centered, quiet self doubt and prepare to share the very best of you on stage.

Saturday Gala Show - 7:30pm (maximum 2 hour run time)
Saturday night gala show at The Barn (2201 Preston), featuring Jill and the DFTH company, with guests from far and wide! House opens at 7:00pm.

Sun, Aug 24 - 10am-12:30pm: When Pretty Doesn't Cut it! Let's get GRITTY.
Gritty Slinky Folk Remix. Coaching for you to create your own Gritty combinations.

Sun, Aug 24 - 2pm-4:30pm: Dancing Warrior
Activate your imagination. Feed your muse. Cultivate your intention and your practice. Allow the time for true creativity to blossom. Tell your story, your own mythology. Have no fear, tap into your inner warrior, dig deep, make connections, allow potent ideas and themes specific to you to emerge. There is so much more to dance than being pretty and having strong technique. Find your authentic voice with practical exercises and discussions designed to help your dance soar to transcendent realms.

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