Heather Labonté's twenty-year dance adventure spans belly dance, jazz, ballet, and modern, among others. Her performing arts background also includes music and theatre. Occasionally an enfant terrible, she is pleasantly surprised to have not yet been arrested by the belly dance police.


She performs regularly in Toronto as a soloist, with special appearances across North America and Europe, including The Massive Spectacular (Las Vegas, US), Tribal Revolution (Chicago, US), and Infusion Emporium (Wolverhampton, UK), among others.


In six years as a member of Lavish Dance Company, she has co-choreographed more than a dozen pieces, including three full length shows (Fragment Repair, harmony/discord, and The Lavish Project 2015) as well as collaborations with Heather Stants and Samantha Emanuel. Heather danced in Lavish's 2011 Affogato tour, and has appeared with Lavish across the United States and Canada.


She has contributed to and performed regularly as a cast member of Mira Betz's Mirapiece Theatre (Clickbait, Waters of Change, Massive Spectacular 2013) and in 2018 will be featured in Water, the third and final installment of Faust Productions Triptych: Journey Through Cancer.


Originally from St. John's, Newfoundland, Heather relocated to Toronto to continue her studies with mentor Audra Simmons at The Dark Side Studio in 2009. The Dark Side serves as Heather's dance home, where she teaches weekly classes and has directed The Dark Side Student Troupe since its launch in 2013.


Heather holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland in History and Political Science. In her spare time (i.e. Monday to Friday, 9-5) she is an ad girl. Like Don Draper with a conscience and a better life expectancy. She continues her studies in belly dance at The Dark Side Studio, and studies jazz, ballet, and aerial arts.


Welcome Hafla Friday, July 7 - DFTH will host a welcome hafla for Heather at Dauntless Dance & Movement studio.  Doors open at 8pm, Show begins at 8:30pm.  $15 in advance


Workshop Saturday, July 8


10am - 1pm:  Bombproof Belly Dancer (3hrs) - $70 in advance ($75 at the door)


Do you like drilling? I like drilling. The bombproof belly dancer's technique has been tested from every possible attack vector and can withstand the unusual musical, stylistic, and postural demands of fusion stylization. On your journey towards technical badass-ery, we'll hit the ground running with some quickly, strictly redefined fundamentals with an emphasis on precision and disciplined movement, before digging deep.


Our focus will be less on drilling movement for performance, rather honing in on exercises that test and improve the integrity of our technique from every possible angle.


Saturday Night, July 8, 7:30pm seating - Dance from the Heart presents a mixed repertoire program, 'RAPPORT', featuring Heather Labonté and special guests.  Click here to purchase tickets available directly through MATCH.


Workshops Sunday, July 9


10am - 12:30pm:  Elegant Fusion - (2.5hrs) - $60 in advance ($65 at the door) Advanced  Level

Inspired by lyrical sub-genres of dance, in this class we will dive deep into expressive combinations and transitions inspired by long lines, organic shapes, and pedestrian movement. We will refine and dynamics and musicality that turn a sequence of movements into complete, expressive phrases.


We'll dance our butts off, but the real treat will be chatting about how movements, and styles are fused effectively and which types work especially well with different belly dance concepts. The goal is to help dancers develop skills for creating thoughtful and seamless fusion.


1:30pm - 3:30pm:  Head, Shoulder, Knees, and Toes (2hrs) - $50 in advance ($55 at the door)

Fully embodied belly dance performers use every part of their bodies to capture an audience. Let's move beyond our finely tuned torso technique and extend precision and attention to detail all the way through our bodies.


We'll work through standing and traveling drills and exercises to refine movement, positioning, and technique for every limb, including the head and neck to create beautiful extension, power, and presence onstage.


Register NOW by clicking here

Classes and Friday night hafla will be held at Dauntless Dance & Movement, 3221 Houston Ave, Houston, TX

September 2017


DFTH is a proud sponsor of The Crimson Vagabond Roadshow, which will be held September 8 - 10, 2017.  A weekend of workshops for music and dance will also include a fabulous show that will raq your face off!  Fore more information, visit the website!




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